Free Diving



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What is free diving?

Freediving is a method of diving where the diver holds his breath for as long as possible to achieve as much dive time, depth and distance as physically possible before returning to the surface to breathe.

Freediving depends on the diver´s physiological fitness and ability to overcome the body´s natural desire to breath.


The diver must learn to breathe with the diaphram to completely relax, both mentally and physically as well as cover topics such as diving theory and physiology.

Due to the international standards established by the scuba diving industry, free diving has been opened up to the public as a viable alternative to scuba diving to explore the underwater world without the need for scuba equipment.


Freediving Courses with Diving Javea

We run CMAS/Protec Freediving courses and certifications.  We train in local waters with clear visibility most of the year, little or no currents and provide all the equipment for our students, including training lines and transport to the dive training sites.


What is involved in the courses?

  • Approaching Apnea
  • Adapting the body to water and Apnea
  • Breath and relaxation
  • Underwater relaxation
  • The Fin Stroke
  • Compensation/Equalisation
  • Formation in confined waters
  • Formation iun open water
  • Safety
  • Training for Apnea

Level 1 (2-3 days)

The student learns the knowledge and techniques needed to safely descend to a maximum depth of 20m, breathing and relaxation techniques and techniques for static and dynamic Apnea in the pool, theory and a trip to sea for open water sessions.

Level 2 (3-4 days)

Level 1 is required for this course.

The student learns advanced knowledge and techniques needed to safely descend to a maximum depth of 30m.  Advanced techniques include elasticity of rib cage, free fall descent, and techniques to enhance the divers comfort at depth.

Level 3 (4-5 days)

Level 2 is required for this course.

More than just a course, this course is a big step in becoming an instructor in Freediving.  The course includes advanced compensation at depth techniques like “mouth-fill” to take the student to a maximum depth of 40m.


Freediving Excursions can be arranged, with the main requirements being certification card and insurance.

To find out more about freediving excursions, courses and prices, contact us here.

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