Diving for Disabled

At Diving Javea, we welcome divers with a disability, whether for a try dive or an excursion for a disable certified diver

Believe it or not, diving can be a sport is very suitable for people with disabilities, mainly because divers  experience the feeling of absolute weightlessness, and so diving is usually a “comfortable sport” for disabled divers.

In water the difference between disabled and non-disabled people is minimized. A paraplegic diver, for example, can easily move independently under water.

For the athlete an unusual bodily sensation and a real piece of freedom can be experienced. The feeling to be able to float weightlessly through space has fascinated mankind since time began.
Few limitations
Diving is possible with a variety of disabilities. The only limitation to diving for ALL divers is that divers must be able to fulfill certain basic health conditions. The only exceptions are people who are mentally challenged. In addition, participants should have no problems with their heart and circulatory, respiratory tract, nasal sinuses and the ears.  Not that in Spain, a medical certificate must be presented and we can arrange a check up with a local doctor if needed,

These same basic health conditions have to be met by ALL divers, including those without disabilities.

Each disabled diver student will be allocated an Instructor one-to-one basis.  Certified disabled divers will be accompanied by either a divemaster or Instructor.

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