IANTD Instructor Course

Under Instruction

Diving Javea is offering a comprehensive IANTD Instructor Development and Training course planned for November 2018 at our Technical Training facility located in Javea, Spain.   Qualified candidates are invited to join us to certify as the next generation of IANTD Instructors.

IANTDThis 12 day Instructor Development Program includes academic, pool, and open water sessions designed to train candidates to Instructor level enabling them to conduct a range of IANTD courses independently. Participants will have the opportunity to learn and refine teaching skills by presenting a course and then being additionally evaluated on Academic, Confined Water, and Open Water teaching presentations.

Upon successful completion of the course, graduates may teach and evaluate IANTD courses for their approved levels in accordance with standards and conduct Crossover Programs for diving professionals.

 What do you need to enroll in this program?
  • IANTD Divemaster or equivalent
  • IANTD Deep Diver or equivalent
  • IANTD CPR or equivalent
  • IANTD First Aid or equivalent
  • IANTD O2 Administrator or equivalent
  • Minimum age: 18 years old
  • Minimum diving experience: 100 logged dives with at least 15 dives between 30 and 40 meters.

Read and complete the workbook of the following programs:

  • IANTD Open Water Diver
  • IANTD Advanced Open Water Diver
  • IANTD Rescue Diver
  • IANTD Divemaster
  • IANTD Nitrox Diver
  • IANTD Deep Diver

What is the minimum materials requirements?

Own a full diving gear adequate for a diving professional in good working order including:

  • Mask and snorkel
  • Regulator with a first stage, a second stage with a 1,5 to 2,1m hose, another second stage connected to the same or separate first stage with a 55 to 75 cm hose.
  • BCD inflator
  • Dry suit inflator (if used)
  • Pressure gauge with 65 cm HP hose
  • BCD, (backplate, harness and wing preferred)
  • Diving computer
  • Fins
  • Exposure suit, wetsuit, semi-dry suit o drysuit
  • Boots (if not incorporated in the drysuit)
  • Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)
  • Reel or spool
  • Cutting device

Schedule and what the IANTD Instructor course includes


    • Orientation 2,0 hours
    • Teaching Diving 3,0 hours
    • Risk in Diving 1,0 hours


    • Physiology in Diving Review 1,5 hours
    • Knowledge development 2,0 hours
    • Control- Confined Water- Open Water 3,0 hours


    • Narcosis Review 1,0 hours
    • Knowledge Development Presentations 3,0 hours
    • IANTD Standards 3,0 hours


  • Watermanship evaluation 2,5 hours
    • Swim 270 meters (timed)
    • Swim 540 meters (timed) with fins, mask and snorkel
    • Swim 240 meters (timed) with full scuba on surface with snorkel
    • Swim 540 meters (timed) with full scuba under water
    • Swim 15 meters without breathing, start sharing gas with buddy and swim 360 meters (timed) sharing gas.

Each skill has a maximum value of 20 points. Depending of time taken to complete a skill, the candidate gains points on
each skill. To pass the evaluation the candidate must obtain a minimum of 80 points from a possible total of 100.

  • Stress control skills: 1,5 hours
    • Leave the scuba equipment in the bottom (confined water) ascent to surface making a Controlled Emergency Ascent.
      From surface at a distance of 9m from equipment, dive to recover the equipment.
    • Share gas with only one regulator swiming at least 90 m
    • Swim on surface 90 m on the back, remove equipment and swim 90 m with the equipment in front
    • Knowledge Development Presentations 3,0 hours
  • Oxygen in Diving Review 1,5 hours


Demonstrate adequate level for a instructor in the following skills: 4,0 hours

  • Assembly and disassembly the equipment
  • Pre-dive safety check
  • Remove and replace the equipment at the surface
  • Standard fin kick and frog kick
  • Regulator recovery
  • Remove and replace mask underwater
  • Swim 9 m without mask underwater
  • Float motionless underwater
  • Remove and replace weight system underwater
  • Remove and replace scuba underwater
  • Remove and replace weight system at the surface
  • Remove and replace scuba unit at the surface
  • Perform a simulated emergency swim ascent horizontally
  • Share gas with a buddy as donor and receiver
  • Open and close valves exchanging regulators in less than one minute
  • Deploy the SMB in less than one and a half minutes
  • Rescue an unconscious diver from a depth of 6 m to the surface, estar rescue breathing
  • and tow the victim to the boat or shore while removes victim and rescuer equipments.
    • CO2 in diving review 1,0 hours
    • Continuing Educations and Marketing in Diving 1,5 hours


      • Confined Water Presentations 3,0 hours
      • Decompresión Sickness review 1,5 hours
      • Knowledge Development Presentations 3,0 hours


      • Confined Water Presentations 3,0 hours
      • Equipment and Dive Planning review 3,0 hours


      • Open Water Presentations 4,0 hours
      • Knowledge Development Presentations 3,0 hours


      • Open Water Presentations 4,0 hours
      • Theory review 2,0 hours

DAY 10

First Aid Program 8,0 hours

DAY 11 & 12