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How to progress in a cave


Never trust what’s on the line (arrows, cookies, REM, info etc….) they might be wrong and they will be wrong… Always follow your navigation and markings, not from other cave divers! They might have come from another direction or made a mistake.

Progression in a cave is done STEP by STEP; you are not climbing the top of a tree on the first day. You should always note your progression in a cave, (Time, T’s, Jump’s, intersection, depth, azimuth, etc…) Visualize the cave while entering and turn around to see how it looks behind you from time to time. Maps might be wrong, never do a traverse even if people say you can go downstream and join another Exit/Cenote; there might be a jump to go there, if you miss it, that’s the end and you will die.

Progress along the main line a few times before doing JUMPS. Once familiar with the main line of the cave start doing the first jump you have noted when entering, then come back and do the second jump. Learn to know the cave before going to the next place so in case of emergency you know how to come back even with your eyes closed while following the line. You have nothing to prove to anyone, your life is your life; it’s not :